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How it all began...

In 1996, Sacred Monument Tours was founded by Torrie Holiday. A Native Navajo who blossomed in Monument Valley, she provided visitors with an experience like no other. With options from horseback tours through the famous Mittens and vehicle tours through the backcountry years later. Torrie and her team, grew Sacred Monument Tours to became the top-rated, award-winning tour company many enjoy today!


We work hard, we have fun, and it pays off.

It’s a landscape that has to be seen to be believed. And, as I say on occasion, it may have to be believed in order to be seen. – N. Scott Momaday / Pulitzer Prize Winner


We pride ourselves on hospitality & safety.

We specialize in providing an enjoyable American Southwest experience for our visitors. Travelers will get an idea of how reliable and important horses are to the Diné. Meanwhile, on our vehicle tours, we’re off-roading to popular locations filled with rich history inside the Navajo Tribal Park.

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